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2009 Goals

Nubians Does
Plant Garden
Build Pavillion
Barn Stalls
Hay Shed

Random Pictures.

Here are some random pictures and random information.  This is 4 gallons of raw jersey (yellow cream) and Holstein (white cream) milk.  Rosie had to be dried off so we bought a Jersey milk cow and named her Buttercup.  Rosie should freshen soon.  We also sold all of our goats and bought 38 laying hens.

I [...]

Nixa Dance – Part III

The dance in Nixa was a blast. 

My twins, Joshua and Josiah with Angela and Amber.

They shared a very twinnish dance.

Two cuties.
Excuse me while I digress for a moment.  This is Jillian.  Over two years ago she was diagnosed with cancer.  3 months later she was declared cancer free.

Jill looked absolutely angelic at the [...]

Nixa Dance – Part II

When we first arrived we staked out our spot.

All in a row.


It’s Angela, no Amber, no Angela.  I’m kidding.  Amber was wearing red so this is clearly Angela.

Little boys that have to sit with their mother.

Under the bridge.



Our version of the Grand March.

Ladies dressed for the occasion.
My built in babysitter.  (I have to [...]

Cost of Pork – Grow Your Own

The whole time we have had these little piggies (that then became big piggies) they have been the bane of my existence.  A pain in my neck.  A constant frustration.  They escaped constantly, they squealed loudly, they became big and intimidating although not because they had done anything to make us intimidated, we just read [...]

Nixa Dance – Part I

I have many many pictures so I’ll make several posts about the fun dance in Nixa last Saturday.  Here are the highlights.

Amber and Joshua in all their twinny goodness.

May I have this dance?

Paper plate fans.

Swing your partner.

Left hand swing.

Waiting your turn.
Big and little friends.  

Old friends.

Cute couples.
Hey, how’d my son get so tall?
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Going Dancing…

going dancing…at a fancy ball or minuet.  Going dancing, going dancing.  You’ll impress them with your etiquette.

These are pictures from a dance way back in August 2008.  But there is a dance in Nixa tonight.
We are so excited!!  And Buttercup the jersey cow is coming home this afternoon.  See you Monday.
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7 Day Broth

Or 5 day.  Or whatever.  Kim asked where I get all of my bones to make and eat bone broths all week.  Well, I am going to show you a trick an old friend of mine told me.  This post is a part of Fight Back Friday over at Food Renegade.

Here is my broth that [...]

Food Bill – Eating NT Style

I’ve had many many questions from people about the food bill our large family has while trying to eat a healthy.  So I thought I’d sit down and work it out for ya’ll.  I’ve been meaning to do this but well…there was always something else stealing my brain cells.
This post is part of Real Food [...]

Star Goes to the Salon

When we bought Star we were told that eventually she would need her hooves trimmed. We called the ferrier because we figured we may as well get it done sooner as opposed to later. 
Imagine our surprise when I found a ferrier half a mile down the road.  Isn’t that convenient?  Out he came [...]

So You Say You Wanna Farm??

This message came through on a Yahoo group I am on.  I asked Evelyn if I could pass this info on in case anyone is interested.  She is located in Lebanon, MO.
OK… it’s official… my farming partners are moving! The partner on my farm just gave me 30 days notice [...]