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Star Goes to the Salon

When we bought Star we were told that eventually she would need her hooves trimmed. We called the ferrier because we figured we may as well get it done sooner as opposed to later. 



Imagine our surprise when I found a ferrier half a mile down the road.  Isn’t that convenient?  Out he came and went to work on Star.



See those big clippers?  He trimmed off a horse show shaped piece of hoof.  I won’t tell you what he did with it.  You don’t want to know.  Really.  It involved dogs.  And chewing. Ok, that’s enough.



Then the ferrier gave her a little shave off the front and she looked so pretty.  I felt like we should have painted her hooves after all that.



I asked if the ferrier if he knew anyone who could "float" teeth.  I put "float" in quotes because those of my readers that ARE NOT horse people don’t know that there really is no "floating" going on but rather the process is more like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard.



The first step, I observed, is to grab the horse’s tongue and hold it out of his or her mouth. This made me giggle like an idiot.



Then he shoved this metal pole down her throat and rubbed her back teeth.  Star tolerated this just fine.  I, on the other hand, was either cringing or giggling.  I’m sure the ferrier (and his family, they were all there) thought I was quite crazy.



Then there was this.



It’s like a big metal nail file that he rubbed along Star’s teeth.  If that doesn’t set your teeth on edge then you have some serious neurological issues.



And Star did not enjoy this part.  The ferrier had to put a little rope around her nose to hold her mouth open.  I don’t believe it hurt but probably gave her a bad case of cotton mouth.



Look at those pearly whites.  You look wonderful, Star.



When it was all done the ferrier pronounced Star a "very mellow horse" and went about his way and Star went out to try her new feet.



And she was happy.  I imagine it’s like when you get your hair cut.  You know, you feel light and new.



Jenna said Star had more spunk in her step.  Well, ya, I do too after I’ve had a tune up. 


Good job, Star.  You look wonderful.      

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3 comments to Star Goes to the Salon

  • Ginny

    Star is lovely! Will the other children get to ride Star too…or just Jenna?

  • You, especially, will be pleased to know that John and Jacob have ridden her around the paddock alone while the rest of the kids have been led around a couple times. Jenna is the only one I trust to ride in the pasture alone.

  • That is wonderful that you found such a tame horse right off. I remember growing up with horses and my Popa would give me the craziest, and sometimes meanest ole horses. I lived through it though. :)
    What an awesome gift for your family! :) She looks like a great horse.
    Mellow? Can’t beat that! :)

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