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Going Dancing…

going dancing…at a fancy ball or minuet.  Going dancing, going dancing.  You’ll impress them with your etiquette.

These are pictures from a dance way back in August 2008.  But there is a dance in Nixa tonight.



We are so excited!!  And Buttercup the jersey cow is coming home this afternoon.  See you Monday.

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8 comments to Going Dancing…

  • Leesie

    I love to dance…any kind of dancing…Enjoy!!!

    Where was Buttercup?

    Buon weekend ;o)

  • Michelle

    I had a jersey named Buttercup,
    I miss her soooo much. Costs too much to feed :o(

  • Gil

    OK, have fun at the dance etc etc but Katie, I must call you out on the Buttercup name thing. I realize you may have had no control over her name BUT… come on! She’ll never be able to get a unique username on Facebook now! There must be thirty cows named Buttercup there already!
    By the way, do you have an ice cream maker? With all your eggs, milk, and cream, ice cream seems a natural step. Stevia is probably pretty good in real custard ice cream.

  • Buttercup was living in Flemington.

  • Jenna named her. I’ll blame Jenna. We now have a Rosie, a Daisy and a Buttercup. Isn’t that nice? ;)

    We have an ice cream maker Jeff bought years ago because someday we were going to live on a farm. :)

    And, believe me, frozen custard is in our future!!

  • Yup, I’m the namer of the cow.

    See that guy on the floor in the last pic? Over to the left. :D

  • Love your “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” reference…one of my favorite movies!!!

  • Hope you guys have a blast.
    And hooray for another cow! :)

    Jenna, I LOL when I saw that guy, I would have missed it had you not pointed it out! :)

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