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Nixa Dance – Part III

The dance in Nixa was a blast. 


My twins, Joshua and Josiah with Angela and Amber.



They shared a very twinnish dance.



Two cuties.



Excuse me while I digress for a moment.  This is Jillian.  Over two years ago she was diagnosed with cancer.  3 months later she was declared cancer free.



Jill looked absolutely angelic at the dance.  This lucky young fellow shared a few moments with Jillie before their dance.



Jill regaled him with stories of farm life.



And then they danced.  Here they are do-si-doing.



Here they are, going under the bridge.  See her tiny hands?



My goodness, what would I do without her?

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11 comments to Nixa Dance – Part III

  • You bring tears to my eyes, Katie. Your children are all so beautiful!

  • I’ll be posting about knot tying on Monday. :)

  • You know, I had just been thinking about that the previous two posts. That Jillie looked angelic. Did you make that dress? It really suits her. Love the pic of Jonah and Jill. Looks like a mini Jeff and Katie. :) Better keep a tight reign on that girl, her much older dancing partner looked pretty smitten with her. ;) Then again, who wouldn’t be? We shoulda went. Being that it was in our own town and stuff. Next time…

  • My MIL made that dress for JENNA!! when she was 6yo. At that time Junie had a matching dress and now Jodi has a matching dress. The gap between Jenna and June is the same as the gap between Jill and Jodi.

    You are officially invited to the next dance, Debbie. :) I’ll let you know when it is.

  • Well, I guess God had the whole baby/gender timing thing worked out didn’t he. :) Lovey dresses for lovely girls.

    As far as the next dance goes, I’m pretty sure my family all has two left feet, but it looks like a lot of fun so we’ll have to give it a try. :)

  • Sarah L.

    Tears of joy here too! Jillie sure does look angelic! =)

  • She’s adorable! Is she still marrying my Aaron?

  • I’ll put the application in the mail. You better get it in early because the suitors are lining up already. ;)

  • What? I thought it was a done deal. I’ve already turned women away in droves. Wow, would my husband love to have a DIL from Missouri …

  • What ever happened to the post about knot tying? Monday has been here and gone – TWICE!

    Your blog (readers) is (are) suffering from neglect……

  • Pam

    I am with Kristy, WHERE ARE YOU!!!
    I do not think you have ever waited so long with absolutely nothing nada. Come on tell us what we come here for.

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